Hello and welcome.  This help guide should help you to find your feet in our online casino, providing a summary of how you use our interface to play the different games we offer, as well as more in-depth assistance for newer players.  The help pages are fully searchable, and include a glossary of terms and an index as well as a table of contents in the left-hand pane.

Using This Help Guide

There are several ways to use this guide.  Probably the most convenient way will be to use the Table of Contents to find the game you want to play, and simply read the topics contained in that section.  If you are stuck for a particular topic, use either the search tab or the index, all of which are included in the left-hand pane.

If you encounter a term that is unfamiliar, have a look in the Glossary tab - again, in the left-hand pane of this Help system - and you will probably find a definition there.

Most of the pages contain links to other parts of the Help system, and if you are reading a description of a particular button, and want more information about what it does, there will probably be a link within the description, to a more detailed explanation.